EZDupe FlashMax 1-15 USB Flash Duplicator (15 Target)

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The EZdupe Flashmax 1-15 USB Duplicator combines high speed duplication (up to 33MB/sec) with a bit-by-bit compare function to ensure a 100% reliable copy process. 

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The new EZdupe Flashmax “Extreme” 1-15 USB Duplicator, retains all of the excellent features from the previous model with significantly improved flash media compatibility.

The Extreme Flashmax, can now duplicate Hard Drives directly from its USB ports (without the need to connect extra power connectors).


High-speed duplication of up to 35MB/sec is achievable, with a bit-by-bit compare function to ensure a 100% reliable copy process. The duplicator is a fully stand-alone unit meaning all that no PC is required at all. The unit is controlled by a very user-friendly 4 button panel on the front alongside an LCD screen. The copy procedures are very simple and intuitive.



The quality materials used are instantly noticeable, as well as the clever sloping design which allows for easy input of the USB sticks. Built into the casing is a useful, permanent handle which allows you to easily move the duplicators.

The Flashmax 1-15 has a surprisingly small footprint and would fit into the smallest of offices or studio’s without a problem. 
If you are looking to achieve fast, reliable USB duplication then the robust Flashmax duplicators are a perfect choice.


Three Data Erase Modes Keep from the Leakage of Confidential Data

When manufacturers/maintenance and repair shops need to reuse hard drives, this is an ideal function to erase data based on a different level of secrecy.

Quick Erase: Erase the index of a hard drive within a few seconds.
Full Erase: Erase the data from a hard drive by overwriting each sector which is able to read/write data.
DoD Erase (3pass DoD): Erase HDD 3 times complying with the 5220.22-M data erase security standard of the U.S. Department of Defense.




Powerful Quality Check of USB                                             

H3 Read Test
H5 Write/Read Test
H6 Cyclic Unused Area Write/Read Test
H7 Fake Card Test

6 Testing Criteria
Test range/ Bad sector ratio/ Read speed threshold/ Write speed threshold/ Capacity threshold/ Format type

4 Testing Results
Bad sector quantity / Tested capacity / Average read speed / Average write speed



Product Highlights

  • Standalone system; no computer required
  • Industry leading compatibility
  • Support all file formats, file size and card/drive capacity
  • User friendly interface and simple operation
  • Real-time display of detailed information on bright LCD screen
  • Copy speed up to 2 GB/min. The fastest USB duplciator on the market
  • Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes. With improved SOTA technology, USB duplicator can do Asynchronous copy even if the source data size is bigger than duplicator system memory
  • Copy USB flash drive as well as USB devices (such as USB Hard Drive)
  • Real time copy and compare technology (copy one section and compare, then copy another section and compare again) to reach higher efficiency of copy compare process
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