Sonic 2 – Portable USB memory stick player and Bluetooth speaker (USB C Charger included)

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£54.99 (VAT free item*)

The Sonic 2 USB Memory Stick Player has been designed by Kings Access Technology specifically for use by visually impaired persons. The ideal USB player for visually impaired listeners, it is very easy to use and produces superb sound reproduction.

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The SONIC 2 USB memory stick player is a portable version of the Sovereign 2 USB Memory Stick Player

It is the ideal player for people who want to take their MP3 books or newspapers on their travels, or simply need a lightweight USB player in order to easily move from room to room without compromising on sound quality!

The Sonic 2 is the ideal USB player for visually impaired users wanting to listen to Talking Newspapers and Talking Books. The listener can easily navigate between multiple publications on one stick at the tap of a button.

Our Best sound quality to date

We know when audio is your only interface sound quality matters. Whilst proud of our best-in-class sound quality we are always looking to improve. We have upgraded both players to the latest generation of digital amplifiers providing clearer sound, less distortion and a louder, clearer head-phone output. We have also improved the mechanical stability and isolation of the speaker cabinets.

Kings USB C Charger We believe our new USB C power supply to be the world’s first designed specifically for visually impaired users. After an extensive consultation period we have designed it with a unique tactile feel, 3D raised logo, high contrast colours and a strengthened braided nylon cable. USB C is a universal standard and will prevent ‘wrong’ chargers being used and potentially damaging equipment”

Please note, this product is not compatible with apple audio or audible files (unless being streamed directly via Bluetooth).

To achieve best results with USB flash drives we recommend the use of MP3 files and formatting to FAT32.

*This is a VAT Free price for persons registered Blind or Partially Sighted. You will be required to confirm you are registered Blind, partially sighted or visually impaired or you are buying on behalf of someone that is at the checkout.

Product Highlights

  • Best ever sound quality
  • Dimensions: 160*52*61mm
  • USB C Charger included
  • Large, high visibility control buttons
  • Low Battery warning sound
  • Plays MP3 and WAV files
  • Navigate between multiple folders, or books at the touch of a button
  • Rechargeable and easily replaceable lithium battery
  • Tactile markers for easy control identification
  • Large rotary volume dial with built-in on/off function
  • Automatic, Pinpoint, multiple 'Bookmark' memory - remembers last track position, mid-track, even when speaker is switched off or stick is removed
  • Headphone Socket easily accessible
  • Very economical battery use - long playback on battery power - between 4-6 hours
Rated 4.90 out of 5 stars
103 reviews

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103 reviews for Sonic 2 – Portable USB memory stick player and Bluetooth speaker (USB C Charger included)

  1. Sue-Ellen M Smith

    Great product

    This is for my mum. It looks smart and very easy to use, need a bit of time to see how she gets on and how much she uses but I’m hoping she’ll be able to listen to the newspaper as she can’t read the print now.

  2. GSN

    Fantastic and works really well, shifting from book to book.

  3. Shelley Coffman

    Since I live in the US, it was a little more of a challenge to purchase than it would be if I lived in GB. However, my Dad is blind and he passes his time with audio books. He has listened to all the CD’s his library has to offer and we needed an easy solution to play MP3. He LOVES the Sonic 2. He said it is so easy to operate and enjoys not needing to fumble with CD’s anymore. Thank you for making a great product, I love that it has a C-type charger and that works great here in US also. I think you would find a lot of success marketing to the visually impaired in the US.

  4. AF

    Bought this for a relative who developed cognitive issues (and who was never much good with clever gadgets before them) and the feedback is “It’s so easy to use and I love it”. With the price of USB sticks these days it was easy to fit a library of books in a small USB Carry Case. It’s a handy size but also easy to operate for older people. Good sound and good projection for such a small unit.

  5. Michael Dorman

    Excellent product for elderly

    Mother in law is 100 in a few days. She is no longer able to use a CD player. She can use this machine as she only needs to use 1 knob (on/off/volume). I download the music and fit the flash drive. Away she goes!
    Only downside is that she has to play the whole downloaded tracks as she cannot use the fast forward/rewind buttons, but that is not the fault of the machine.
    Just make sure your recorded music is compatible ie. the right format.

  6. use

    very easy to use particularly by a partially sighted person

  7. JB

    no problems – good seleer

  8. Martin Ensor

    Easy to use, great sound quality in a small box!

    This product is great!! There are not many times that im impressed these days. This has impressed me however! For such a small device the sound quality is outstanding! Its a real breath of fresh air as so easy for my mum to operate, who is loosing her eyesight. Recommended and super fast delivey too. You wont regret buying this!




  10. Dawn Miles

    Great design on the front, big highly visible knobs for the partially sighted. HOWEVER, a tiny hole for the cable. No thought to a guide for the partial sighted to get the power cable in. How is this item portable if the people it is designed for can’t recharge it becasue they can’t get the cable in !!

    • Kings

      Dear Dawn, many thanks for your feedback. We are delighted you think the Sonic has great design but are disappointed with your comments regarding the power connector and we feel a 2 star rating is undeserved. Like all manufacturers we have to work within the limits of technology, affordability, compatibility and regulation.

      We have tens of thousands of visually impaired users who successfully use this equipment.

      The design of the power supply and choice of connector was carried out over a 2 years consultation with VI user groups and major VI organisations. Our previous products used a ‘DC’ type barrel connector and this was the single largest cause of failures (mainly due to the many similar connectors using the same design but different voltage/polarity). Since changing to USB C we have reduced power supply fails by 90%. We are the only manufacturer in the world that has actually made the effort to build a bespoke power supply for visually impaired people. This includes an easy to grip body, a captive strengthened cable and a high contrast design. Additionally the port on the back of the player has a raised tactile design to allow people to identify and insert the connector. The reality is that not all products will suit all users but as you can see the suggestion that ‘no thought’ has been taken and ‘no guide’ is present is simply incorrect.

      Please call us if you wish to discuss further.

  11. LDJ

    24hr turnaround. Very impressive.

  12. PC



    So simple to use

    Sound quality surprisingly good

  14. Enseigneur

    Product that perfectly meets the description of the seller.

    Extremely easy to use for the visually impaired..

  15. Allan Withers

    This was recently purchased for my partner.
    The unit is easy to use, and has excellent sound quality.
    All in all she is extremely happy with the unit and uses it constantly.
    I would also add that having contacted Grace at Kings Technology several times now, she has answered all of my questions, is very knowledgeable about the products and has been incredibly helpful at all times.
    I have no hesitation in recommending both the product and the company.

  16. ac

    Good value

    The item is used for playing music from usb sticjs

  17. eg

    Very happy with all items, perfect and delivered very quickly, thanks a million.

  18. sands

    Light weight slim easy to use

  19. KH

    excellent item, does exactly what it says, good sound and works straight from the box to play mp3 from a USB stick.

  20. SL

    This a very good product, not just for people whose main issue is their eyesight, but also for people with visual disturbances related to cognitive impairment. I could find nothing like it. The sound quality is very good, particularly considering that this item is surprisingly small and light. Very pleased with this item.

  21. ac

    Very easy to use by my friend who is partially sighted.

  22. PS

    just what I need to play audio books to my blind grandad with no internet

  23. Michael

    My mum loves it.

  24. vp

    Quick and quick delivery

  25. BC

    Excellent product. Bought for my mum who is partially sighted and hard of hearing. Very easy to use. We put usb stick in for her but she is able to turn it on and off quite easily. Saves point where machine is turned off

  26. Polly

    Does the job..speedy service

    Check the size of this before ordering!!
    I ordered this as a replacement item for the one my partially sighted relative has damaged and assumed it would be the same size.
    All functions and specs. are the same except fort he fact that it’s less than half the size of the one she had and this makes operating it a little tricky.
    My mistake , we will keep it but I wish i had spotted this prior to ordering.

  27. ivanoc

    Excellent product, unique of a kind

    There are no alternative if you have a strong vision problem and want to listen to music or audiobooks: the alternatives are not sufficiently ergonomic and actionable, especially for an older person, or cost unmasked figures imposed by niche specialists. Heatly recommended. Good for thinking about it. Only negative: the product comes with English plug (why not European Schuko?). However surpassed with a replacement cable and the use of the regular phone charger.

  28. PJMR


    The best thing which I have enjoyed is the headline with regard to bookmarking.However,
    I would have much appreciated to go with a battery operation life much longer and
    a mic/aux input to record on to pendrive directly

  29. Kevin Lawless


    Bought this for my Dad who is 88 and has macular degeneration so cannot see very well.
    He finds it very easy to use and loves listening to audiobooks & music on it.
    Highly recommended.

  30. michelle padgett

    My mum, who is 88 and partially blind . Find it easy to use and gets lots of enjoyment out of her talking books. She is pleased.

  31. gtj

    Fantastic product – fast delivery – lovely company – really grateful

    I love this product.

    My Dad had a stroke, and struggled to work ipad, CD player, radio etc. when he was in hospital. Due to the pandemic I couldn’t go in to help him work them. When I found this product it made the world of difference to him, it was simple, strong, and effective. He had vision issues and was confused, so I added labels to the buttons too. MP3 stories made him feel less locked in, and were a lifeline when he had to isolate.

    The sound is really clear both through the speakers and headphones. The machine is really simple to use while still allowing the user good navigational control, and you can create your own recordings with free software. So amongst stories, music, relaxing sounds, we were able to add messages in our own voices to keep him connected.

    This version doesn’t have bluetooth, but you can add a transmitter if you need, I tested this and it worked well.

    He lost a battery cover while in hospital, and the company have offered to replace it. Kind, prompt and understanding responses from them. 5*****

  32. DW

    very quick delivery. extremely well packed. all as described on web site. would recommend to family and friends.

  33. PJMR

    Experiência comum.

  34. GC

    As described and ideal for purpose

  35. Anna

    It is perfect for listening to audiobooks

    Go this as a gift for an older person, who’s eyesight is not great and she’s very happy with it. Easy to use, good sound quality. Can be plugged in or charged and used with or without headphones.

  36. Gary W

    Perfect for mums needs.
    I purchased this for my mother. I purchased a usb stick and added all her favourite songs and artists to it and she was thrilled!
    She simply wanted something with a good sound and a volume control.
    Although there are more functions on this device, she does not require these as she is easily confused.
    This device is perfect for her needs and she already has had many hours of pleasure with it. Very good value and takes up no space at all.

  37. SS

    Swift service and quality product. very Grateful.

  38. M

    Clever little device, simple to use and pretty good sound quality for its size. Perfect for my visually impaired mother in law who enjoys listening to talking books.

  39. PM

    no problem !

  40. BH

    Good service and quick

  41. laura

    Intuitive and simple to use

    Intuitivo e semplice da usare

    Ottimo prodotto, uso intuitivo e semplice. Lo uso da poco e non so quanto duri la carica della batteria ma per il resto fa benissimo il suo lavoro.
    Peccato la spina del caricatore modello uk! Ho dovuto procurarmi un adattatore da tenere sempre attaccato

  42. BL

    Christmas present for my Da. Haven’t used it yet.

  43. MS

    Excellent product

    My husband uses this to listen to books and magazines on a USB stick as his sight is not good enough to read them for himself. It is easy to use; a nice lightweight, small sized unit.

  44. kc

    easy to use

    bought this for my husband who is blind, and he loves it, good sound and easy to handle

  45. ac

    It is a life enhancing device

    I bought this , because my mum had to go into a care home, she has always struggled with technology and wanted to find a devise that would allow her to listen to her music without having to struggle with changing discs.
    This device is perfect. I saved all her music on to my computer sorted it into folders and then saved it down to a usb stick which just has to be plugged into the device. It is easy to change the song or folder if she does not like it and it has made a big difference that she can now listen to all her music. The nurses at the care home also thought it was an amazing device.

  46. MWS

    Worls fine

  47. ssm

    Well packaged and on time

  48. Helen Mack

    Great for People with Low Vision

    Bought this for my husband who has very little sight left. I was a bit concerned when I saw how small this is but it’s marvellous! He can work it no problem and the sound quality is excellent. Had thought it was rather expensive but it is worth every penny.

  49. Jill

    sound quality brilliant and size perfect

    I brought this sonic USB memory stick Player for my elderly cousin to be able to listen to audio books from the RNIB It has given her much pleasure the sound is very clear and she is able to negotiate the bright yellow buttons with ease especially since her eyesight is impaired. clear precise instructions and delivery was excellent would recommend this product.

  50. M

    Got this for my father-in-law and he is delighted with it. Not only can he use it in the home but he can charge up the battery and take it with him in the car to listen to stories and audiobooks. Brilliant product for those who have compromised eyesight.

  51. DS

    having used an older second hand model, the recipient was delighted with this newer version which has the added benefit of returning to the exact spot you left at, should you remove the stick to use another. Ideal for him to swap between his RNIB books and talking newspaper.

  52. K. Sheehan

    Excellent Product

    Ordered for elderly mother but great for any age! Easy to use & good quality sound for price. Battery life very good.

  53. SA

    What a brilliant design! Bought for my 92 year old Dad – he has dementia, but he can use this easily! Thank You for bringing music back into his life! HIGHLY RECOMMEND both player and company !

  54. PW

    first class product and seller. would buy again

  55. Susan Saunders


    so perfect & easy to use, my 89 year old mum loves it

  56. MR

    Good guys +++++

  57. HMN

    Very prompt delivery. Good packaging. Great product – easy to use, brilliant sound quality. Marvellous!

  58. ac

    Perfect for my Mother

    This product is wonderful! My Mother lives well with Alzheimer’s in a care home. She is able to easily manage this device. The large yellow control is perfect for her. The memory stick gives her hours of her favourite music to enjoy and help her well being.

  59. EJW


  60. JS

    Now listening to a book excellent

  61. AEJ

    Item arrived promptly. Works well, thank you

  62. fg

    Nice product, fast delivery, very pleased.

  63. Silentapp


    Bought for my dad who has dementia – loaded a USB stick with all his favorite songs – and one happy singing Dad!

  64. bl

    very happy with order and excellent service thank you

  65. gl

    Very fast delivery. Item perfect for my blind daughter.

  66. J8JCB

    Fantastic machine

    Bought this for my 100year old, blind Mother. Easy to use, great sound quality and has freed her from the drudgery of listening to Radio 4 all day. I would strongly recommend this to any blind / partially sighted person of any age. Well done to Kings for making such a life changing product

  67. LC

    Good buy

    My mum is severely sight impaired. This is just the job.

  68. someone

    Ease of use.

    Bought for older family member who is now blind. Managed to set up alone and now can listen to books from RNIB on USB.

  69. R. Steward

    With dedicated MP3 players rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs, this product is perfect for continued electronic listening – especially for the off-line, non-tech-savvy, or lovers of simplicity. For those who miss the predictable behaviour of a cassette tape, one of the great features of this device is that it always continues to play from the same point on a USB drive, wherever and however it’s stopped. This includes when switching between different USB drives. The 3.5mm headphone socket also means that, with relative ease and the right cable, it could be connected in to a larger sound system. Great for space-saving too. A 32GB USB drive will store around 370 hours of audio (at 192kbps). I’ve already bought three as gifts.

  70. HJW

    Speedy delivery, great item

  71. cc

    Bought this or my 94 year old mother who has macular degeneration, arthritis and is not tech savvy at all. She loves this device and can hear her talking books again.The sound is good,its very easy to use, simple controls and its robust. The yellow controls stand out well against a black background that is the body of this device.

  72. mc

    Prompt delivery. Player works well.

  73. L.Lamprey

    100% Excellent

    The Sonic 2 USB Memory Stick Player and Bluetooth Speaker is excellent. So easy to use and a pleasure to listen to. I recently purchased one for my relative who became blind a few years ago, She could no longer see to use her music player. She used to love listening to her music. I transferred her music to a usb memory stick and now she easily uses it mostly all day and has found some happiness again. Wonderful.
    I am not blind but I have also purchesed a Sonic USB Memory Stick Player for myself to listen to my music/audiobooks at home and when walking.

  74. Margaret Brown

    This is an amazing little machine. Easy to use, well built and fantastic sound quality. Really well thought out. It will enrich many lives. I am so very grateful that so eone has put such thought into the design to make it sturdy and simple to use. Thank you so much.

  75. LL

    100% excellent.

    Kings Access Technology Ltd gives a first-class service with excellent products and I very highly recommend them. 100% excellent.

  76. lorraine

    Very well liked.

    Nice easy to use speaker for the partially sighted. However, please note that Amazon audio books can not be played on here because of their aax format. The good news is your local library has loads of audio books they can download for free, all you need to do is take in the USB drive.

  77. CH

    Restored a love of reading

    I bought this machine for my 89 year old mum, who suffers from macular degeneration. I’ve tried buying audio books on CD and DVD before, but she has really struggled with using the technology. However, she loves this machine, and says that it has given her back all the pleasure she used to get from reading books. I was surprised how small it is, but she can use it quite easily and says the sound quality is excellent too. We get free Talking Books from the RNIB for her, which come as a USB stick and simply slot into the machine. We’re really pleased with it, and would definitely recommend it for anyone in a similar situation.

  78. JA

    It sounds good and the instructions are simple.

    I’ve enjoyed listening to a plays, poetry and carols…. all very clear.

  79. big al

    Small and easy to use.

    I got this for my wife who is in a care home with dementia. She loves music, and although she has poor eyesight she can operate it ok. The large knob on the front switches it on and controls the volume. At full volume it is it is not too loud so it doesn’t disturb the other residents, but it is loud enough for her. I have inserted a memory stick with her favourite songs on and she is delighted with it.

  80. Pupinder Digpal

    Fantastic piece of kit, highly recommend for the sight impaired

  81. DS

    Excellent build quality easy to use as I am sight impaired

  82. Ruth

    Very pleased with this product. Used by a 96 year old with very bad sight. It is the first she has been able to use because it is simple to operate, not too many buttons.

  83. LE

    Bought for my brother who has got Eye problems at the moment so cannot read! My mum has already got one , sonic two USB memory stick speaker..he received it the other week and has already started listening on it and found it a great help and pleasure!!

  84. oldbaz

    Perfect for my mother-in-law who has macular who can no longer read. Being an avid book reader this player is a lifesaver for her, she can now listen to the books that she can no longer read 🙂

  85. NJP

    good product great service would use again

  86. P A Day

    This was a present for my mother aged 99. It’s wonderful, so easy for her to manage and the sound quality is very good.

  87. Jim McGeown

    “Does what it says on the tin” Just what I wanted, keep it simple.

  88. MD

    Arrived quickly and good service

  89. AS

    Fast service good price excellent product

  90. Cathy

    This certainly does what it says it does. My husband (almost totally blind) finds it relatively easy to use and is very happy with it.

  91. KembleSteve

    We bought this device, so that our mother, who is 101 years old with very limited vision, could use it to play MP3 audio books.
    All the controls can be operated by feel, and even the charging plug can be inserted either way round.
    It has been very well designed.
    I must also mention the sound quality. It can also be used as a bluetooth speaker, and the sound quality from this little gem is amazing, so I would highly recommend it for both visually impaired people, but also as a great piece of sound kit.

  92. Sally Smith

    Very easy to use and good clear sound. As I am recently dealing with sight problems this is ideal for talking books.

  93. DDM

    Well pleased. nice equipment

  94. JDB

    Excellent machine, easy to use by blind elderly women, controls are easy to use . It smaller than the previous machines but sound quality is excellent. Only problem which is similar to previous machines, charge point where cable is attached is awkward to locate for blind , we now leave cable connected and switch off at socket. Overall excellent.

  95. Revd Les

    I am blind and this is essential for me to enjoy books . It is excellent although my previous on was only 3 years old and stopped working .
    I use it every day but expected it to last longer .

  96. Tracy C

    Absolutely brilliant, so easy to use. I got this for my dad who has glaucoma & caterac in his eyes & he loves it 😊

  97. Shane L

    Bought it for my grandpa and he loves it! I’ve put in some audiobook and he listens to them everyday with no problem in operating by himself. Would be great if it comes with radio function as well.

  98. Julie N

    Easy to use for my mum with dementia

  99. Cameus

    Partially sighted, blind or just don’t want to have to turn the lights on because your listening in bed and don’t want to wake up more than you have to – this machine is perfect. well made and well designed, the high contrast buttons are as simple to use as possible, by sight or touch. The rechargeable battery is replaceable and easy to access. I don’t think there’s anything they haven’t thought of. This product deserves 5 stars more than any I have ever given in a review before because it’s designer has set out to improve the quality of life for partially sighted people and they have hit the nail on the head. High Five!

  100. SM

    The Sonic 2 has far outweighed my expectations. So easy to use and produces quality sound. It’s an amazing easy to use, well constructed USB Player and I thoroughly recommend it!

  101. SM

    I thoroughly recommend the Sonic 2 USB Memory Stick Player and am pleasantly surprised at the quality sound and the ease of use. Many Thanks for the speedy delivery.

  102. N,R

    The Sonic is a big improvement on my 5 year old Sovereign. Sound quality is great, much better on headphones than my old one. New charger is a big improvement. Build quality is excellent, highly recommended!

  103. SM

    I thoroughly recommend the Sonic 2 USB Memory Stick Player and am pleasantly surprised at the quality sound and the ease of use. Many Thanks for the speedy delivery.

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