• "5 out of 5 stars - brilliant design, quality build."

    Partially sighted, blind or just don't want to have to turn the lights on because your listening in bed and don't want to wake up more than you have to - this machine is perfect. well made and well designed, the high contrast buttons are as simple to use as possible, by sight or touch. The rechargable battery is replaceable and easy to access. I don't think there's anything they haven't thought of. This product deserves 5 stars more than any I have ever given in a review before because it's designer has set out to improve the quality of life for partially sighted people and they have hit the nail on the head. High Five!

  • "Exactly what my visually impaired mother wanted."

    Exactly what my visually impaired mother wanted.

  • "Build quality is excellent, highly recommended!"

    Speedy delivery. Really excellent product. The Sovereign 2 I bought to replace my 5-year-old Sovereign. All the same great features but sound quality is much better. New charger is a big improvement. Build quality is excellent, highly recommended!

  • "It's very simple for her to use"

    I bought this for my Mum who is visually impaired, to play audio books. It's very simple for her to use with the bright buttons plus the sound quality is excellent, it's also more than loud enough for her to hear. Bookmarking is a nice touch. Highly recommended.

  • "It is so good that I've immediately bought another for use in the bedroom"

    I had given up hope of finding an MP3 player for those incapable of using the benefits of playing music from a memory stick without the need to press an assortment of buttons just to get it started. One of these turned up for my 95-year-old mother, virtually blind and with the memory of a goldfish. This covers all the basics without frills and fuss. It's portable with rechargeable batteries built in. All you need the start it is to turn a nice big round control, perfect for old fingers and poor eyesight. It gives very passable sound, certainly more than adequate for the aged and/or infirm and capable of playing for hours on one charge. O.K., It doesn't have a screen with loads of fancy options, but I don't think many of the target users really wants one. The buttons are large enough to be used if necessary albeit with limited functions of pause, track jump forwards/back and reset to restart it at the beginning. I cannot think of anything else that may be needed. It is the only form of entertainment that my mother can cope with as she cannot see the TV and cannot follow a conversation of more than a few words.

    It is so good that I've immediately bought another for use in the bedroom and am seriously thinking of getting more for my grandchildren so that they have an opportunity of listening to traditional stories and learning to concentrate and use their imagination.
    One thing puzzles me. How do they do it for the price? The product and service is exceptional. Well done!

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