Kings are a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products in the Accessible and Visually Impaired (VI) product space.

We are a second generation, independent British family business.

As well as being enjoyed by regular customers, our products also enable (often elderly and vulnerable) people to maintain their independent lifestyle and provide essential content delivery that is often overlooked by mainstream manufacturers.

Simplicity and great design

The demand to simplify our products for Visually Impaired users has led to an elegant and easy-to-operate design philosophy which provides us a unique and appealing alternative for the main-stream market disillusioned with endless buttons, menus and screens.


We have a strong company ethos that our products must be;

  • accessible for all
  • built for purpose (not adapted)
  • high quality
  • great design
  • great value


Kings was founded in 1989 by Mac Kingsbury meeting the demand from the VI (visually Impaired) community for audio products and services. The first customers were small ‘Talking News’ charities (who record and distribute local news on audio for Visually Impaired users). Kings supplied audio cassette duplication and equipment. Some of those first customers are still customers today, 30 years later. Whilst retired from day-to-day activity Mac continues as a Board Adviser.


Whilst our products are centred around the Visually Impaired community they are relevant for multiple sectors including; senior citizens, people living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, autism, reduced motor-function or other access challenges.

Our products are also used by people who just love great design and great sound.


All of our products are proudly designed and developed in the United Kingdom.

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