Solo USB Personal Audio MP3 Player / DAP with Bluetooth 4.2 (USB C Charger included)

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The Solo is the perfect, accessible, easy to use MP3 player and audiobook player for those wanting high-quality playback. 

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The Solo USB MP3 Player is the perfect, easy to use MP3 player, accessible music and audiobook player for those wanting high-quality playback.

It includes all the great features of our very popular Sonic 2 and Sovereign 2 players and benefits greatly from the extensive research and development that went into making our other models. This makes it an ideal personal MP3 Player for anyone wanting an easy to use, simple operation device as well as encompassing all of our standard design features for visually impaired users. 

  • Audio playback of MP3 and.WAV formatted audio files 
  • Automatic bookmarking of USB sticks 
  • Real-voice audio battery level announcement
  • Navigation of files and folders 
  • Bluetooth Transmitter (TX) able to drive Bluetooth headphones and speakers
  • Built-in Li-ion battery with 3-8 hours playback per full charge (3-4.5 hours on Bluetooth and 3-8 on wired headphones)
  • Charging via USB C socket 
  • Automatic playback resumption when powering on
  • Intelligent and simplified Bluetooth pairing and switching 
  • Bluetooth 4.2 chipset 
  • Haptic feedback (vibration) for Bluetooth connection status

See the instructional video here.

Please note, this product is not compatible with apple audio or audible files (unless being streamed directly via Bluetooth).To achieve best results with USB flash drives we recommend the use of MP3 files.

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for audio books & talking newspapers
  • Real-voice audio battery level announcement
  • Raised, shaped, tactile controls, including 'click' on/off wheel
  • High-quality USB audio on wired or Bluetooth headphones
  • Ultra-portable, pocket sized player (86*55*18mm)
  • Weighs just 60 grams
  • USB C Charger included
  • Kings famous book-marking function. The player will always resume from the last playback point
  • Keypad lock to avoid accidental button presses
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44 reviews

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44 reviews for Solo USB Personal Audio MP3 Player / DAP with Bluetooth 4.2 (USB C Charger included)

  1. ps

    Does what it says on the tin. Very easy to use. Good buy

  2. rm

    this unit is the best i have seen you can save as an mp3 to a usb stick from records,cd,tape and radio it ticks all the boxes a slight problem i had at first was cleared up by the seller no problem i certainly recommend this for anyone

  3. PC


  4. Eva Maria

    Excellent product and excellent service. It arrived before the date indicated

  5. John Barnes

    Works well

    Playing when out and about

  6. Herbert

    The best MP3 player, despite its quirks.

    I am very happy about this ingeniously simple player that does not require a display. It looks high-quality all around, sounds great and the navigation is simply great! The round button skips one folder forward at a time.

    This works very well for me and in addition to the pleasant operation in everyday life, the service is very suitable for children, or for shows where I want to go on the side.

    Attention! The volume can be set very loudly, especially with headphones- on the
    Kingsaccsess website there is still a Bluetooth USB box with the same navigation principle, I find very interesting as a Toniebox alternative. (probably also very loud).

    The solo staff is about the same size as a credit card and about 1 cm thick. It fits very well in the hand and has a pleasant, slightly velvety plastic surface. The large (approx. 1 x 1 cm) yellow buttons are approx. 1 mm raised and are comfortable to use.

    (Translated from German).

  7. Steve


    Quite unsure at first as Im not visually impared was prepared to send it back when I ordered, but I love it. Im studying a language with multiple MP3 files and its perfect for progressing and pausing playback without having to look at it/ Previously the files were on my phone so always having to look at it and check the screen

    Pairing was easy and the size is right, not so small that you have to look at the unit to work the controlls.

    Not provided is a cable to connect it to my pc, usb to usb would have thought that shold be included. as without it you cant load the device, fortunately I already had the Mini drive

    • Kings

      Hi Steve, many thanks for your review. We are delighted you are enjoying the Solo for your language studies. We do not include a data cable as there is no internal memory on the Solo to load.

  8. Philip C


  9. Derek Ball

    Lightning quick delivery – superb sound, much better than expected from a small device – easy to set up and to use. I phoned them for advise and the young lady was courteous and very helpful – very impressed and would recommend to anyone.

  10. Jon

    Well designed and very reliable.

    I would highly recommend this for simplicity of use, this product would be absolutely perfect and brilliant if it had a timer on it so that you could set it to switch off and then fall asleep whilst listening to your favourite book or music.

    • Kings

      Many thanks for you for your feedback Jon. We are aware of some customers desire for a sleep timer and keep the function under review for future revisions.

  11. dp

    Very nice sound easy to use. Shame it can’t play aaw files out the box but it’s easy enough to convert the audiobooks to mp3

    • Kings

      Thank you for you feedback, we are delighted you are enjoying the Solo. Unfortunately it is not viable for our products to play aaw files as Amazon control this.

  12. Mr.D.M.Leek

    Talking book reader

    Ideal for wife who is partly sighted bought for going on holiday
    So that she doesn’t get bored traveling

  13. js

    very nice will make an excellent xmas present

  14. jondowne

    Solid U.K. Design and engineering.

    Not your usual MP3 player. This one is designed to have expansion capabilities and to use solid controls with which you dont have to fiddle. It is extremely easy to operate without having to look at a screen and the sound quality from bluetooth connected headphones is far superior to my previous two players which both lasted less than a year before controls failed. The design may not appeal to everyone but if you want something to play music or listen to audio books then I would recommend the Solo. Only suggestion for improvement would be the extension of battery life if possible. Put your trust in a U.K. company….we make good stuff.

  15. JG

    Fantastic to find a U.K. designed and built product…….and boy does it show. Totally fulfills its purpose and the important bits i.e. Solidly built controls / logical operation / excellent sound quality and the ability to operate by touch alone makes this stand out over fiddly and poorly made opposition . While the battery life is not up with the best this is an excellent product. Check it out.

  16. GTD

    I love this product, it’s been one of my best purchases for age. fast delivery thank you

  17. Sean

    Very neat device. But for us 1 glaring flaw.

    Bought this for my wife who needs a drop dead simple MP3 player so she can listen to her relaxation tracks when she has insomnia. The main thing she wants is to be able to use it without any bright lights, otherwise she could use an iPad or similar. Out of the box she was very impressed, decent size, not too big or too small, nice large tactile buttons, decent audio quality. But the annoying flaw: when you press play there’s a continuous pulsing red led, which in the dark at 3am is *very* bright, and totally sucks. Yes I can cover it with a bit of electrical tape, so not the end of the world but, If the developers are reading this, I suggest that when the lock switch is engaged it turns off the running LED. Then this would be perfect.

    • Paul Lopez Salzedo

      Many thanks for the feedback. The LED is useful for some users but not others. If you contact us we could look to modify your player to disable the LED.

  18. Cowgoo

    Great player for visually impaired

    My wife loves this. Much better quality so far than what’s available in Canada. She has had 3 players in the past 5 years that tend to stop working at the 1 year mark. One drawback is it only plays MP3 and .wav files, but it doesn’t matter since that is what the majority of audiobooks she gets are in. The ones in other formats can easily be converted. The other drawback is there are no multiple bookmarks, but my wife says she’s fine with the way this saves her spot. Just took some getting used to. Overall great product.

  19. ST

    Item as described, delighted – thank-you

  20. Tea Cake

    Excellent. Highly recommended.

    Brilliant. Just as described. Perfect for blind or visually impaired, or anyone. The sound is excellent. Easy to use. Easy to charge. Easy to download books onto USB memory Stick – I used a mini USB stick that I purchased from Amazon. Solid. Great company. Have purchased other items from them. Highly recommended.

  21. LP

    Excellent MP3 player. Large Yellow Buttons easy to see and feel. Sound excellent/loud with earphones/headphones (not supplied). Can lock buttons when playing to avoid knocking them by accident. Yellow Lanyard for wrist supplied. Attached own for neck. Charger supplied. I purchased a mini usb 16GB drive (£6) from Amazon which fits sturdily and holds 50 books. Brilliant. Great product for everyone.

  22. nicholas w


    Worth every penny

  23. GA

    Does what it says on the tin.

  24. rd

    This small box is brilliant it’s exactly what I wanted. I had just bought a pair of speakers for the wall . Which are also blue tooth . I can send my music up to my speakers via my iPhone but I also have hundreds of music files on a USB stick so this was perfect for me to plug and send through this small box and the sound quality is mint . I would definitely recommend it .


    Definitely recommend

    Just Absolutely brilliant

  26. Sixtus Beckmesser

    Tiny but excellent

    An excellent tiny instrument. Great sound. Will play any thumb drive and has the essential but unusual quality of starting where you last stopped.

  27. JH

    Excellent product

  28. Margaret Brown

    I bought my device some time ago and it’s great on wired headphones. However, after trying several sets of bluetooth headphones/ear buds I just cannot get this device to pair. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting suggestions in the manual. I’m very disappointed, as this was my reason for purchasing this.
    Having said all that, the sound is clear and the build quality is great. I just hate the wires!

    • Grace Kingsbury

      Dear Margaret,

      Further to our discussion regarding the compatibility of different headsets, I hope that this has now been resolved for you and you are able to continue to enjoy the product.

      Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.


  29. j

    Everything was as it should be

  30. RD

    Fantastic MP3 and talking book player. Bought for my sister who is fully blind. The controls are easy to use. Very happy with the product. I wish that more companies thought about disability usage for their products.

  31. RF

    An excellent tiny piece of gear. The USB function gives good flexibility aided by the very useful, and I think unique, book marking function. The sound quality is very good and it copes with a 100 piece classical orchestra with fine instrument definition. It is well made and presented and worth every penny of its modest price.

  32. vr

    Brought for person with sight problems he loves it says it is easy to use and recharge

  33. Graham James

    Great little usb player

    Great little player. Not restricted by memory as it plays from usb. Battery life not great approx 8 hours.

  34. A customer

    Great bit of kit.

    My daughter is registered blind, this gadget is fantastic, she has a large collection of us stocks and this bit of kit works first class for her, would recommend both seller and item

  35. CL

    Excellent player of USB music

    It’s a delight, so simple to use with great sound quality. I can quite easily pair it, using Bluetooth, with two of the Bluetooth players I have, viz the Bose Wave SoundTouch IV and the recently purchased Antimi Bluetooth Speaker

    As someone who tends to have many “albums” or folders on one USB, I particularly like the facility to “skip folder” and to move each track forward or backward.

    I notice that the battery life is just over five hours when using it as a Bluetooth player, and I would have been prepared to pay more for, say, ten-hour playing time. A refinement to make it truly excellent would be a small display of folder and track number of the music being played, perhaps with an identification of the music (like I get on my car radio/USB system.)

    Nevertheless, as it is, I can recommend it readily; it’s a little marvel really.

  36. Lady JC


  37. Nat

    Great quality

    Brought for a visually impaired teenage boy. Sound quality is great. He navigates himself well around it. He has a daisy player in his bedroom so this is great for when he’s out and about

  38. dch

    Quality product

    Perfect for someone who is blind or partially sighted. Very easy to use and build quality is great.

  39. ac

    easy to use as i am partially sighted

    all was good

  40. Louise Fearn

    This is an amazing device. I am dyslexic and have trouble reading small print and large chunks of text as I get very tired and have to concentrate with the words fizzing and jumping about. I much prefer audio content and thus is so portable and easy to use. I can take it everywhere with me and link it to Bluetooth speakers and all types if headphones. I love the bright buttons, very eye catching and I won’t loose it in my bag. I love this little player!!! Thank you so much

  41. mg

    Serious player, just brilliant.

    This is a seriously nice piece of kit. I was cautious given the price but it is worth every penny. Put simply this is the best sounding, best built MP3 player I have owned. Having been through a few of the cheaper players on Amazon and found them poor quality and/or tricky to use, I thought I would give the Solo a go. What a revelation. I use it for audiobooks at home and music when I am in the gym. The sound quality is excellent, Bluetooth easy to pair and rock-solid with both my Sony and Audio Technica Bluetooth headphones. The buttons and mechanical controls are a breath of fresh air and although I am fully sighted it is a pleasure not to have to look at the Solo and easy and intuitive to operate when in my pocket. High-quality USBC charger is included instead of the usual charging lead. Highly recommended.

  42. Derek Taylor – Reading

    There is a real gap in the market for this type of device, operationally it’s excellent. Using ordinary headphones the output quality is great, the overall quality is good.

    Carrying the device around whilst doing odd jobs around the house is a real plus

  43. Peter Dann – Newbury

    There is a real gap in the market for this type of device, operationally it’s excellent. Using ordinary headphones and the output quality is great, and the overall quality is good.

    Carrying the device around whilst doing odd jobs around the house is a real plus

  44. Julie Rodaway

     ” A very simple to use, very effective & in my opinion a device that you won’t regret purchasing”, click here to listen to the full audio review


Solo Product Sheet July 2019 v1.0 Large Print PDF

Solo User Guide Large Print Master May19 v1.0 PDF

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Solo Product Sheet July 2019 v1.0 Large Print WORD

An Audio review by Julie Rodaway; 




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